EAS 100% Whey Protein Build Muscle Chocolate Protein Powder

EAS 100% Whey Protein Build Muscle Chocolate Protein Powder

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Take your workouts to the next level with EAS whey protein. This chocolate flavored powder helps support muscle recovery and growth. The carbohydrate mixture increases sports endurance so you can perform your best.


  • Package Quantity: 1

  • Number of Pieces: 1

  • Health Concern: Muscle Growth, Sports Performance

  • Primary Supplement Ingredient: Whey protein

  • Product Form: Powder

  • Serving Size: 2.0 pieces

  • Flavor: Chocolate

  • Allergy Information, Contains: Milk

  • Allergy Information, May Contain: Milk


Our leading whey protein product contains 100% pure whey protein, to help you build stronger, leaner muscle without extra calories.


Research shows that whey protein is one of the easiest forms of protein for your body to digest. With 26 grams of protein in each serving, EAS Whey Protein gives your muscles what they need to get stronger, and its naturally occurring levels of branched chain amino acids help repair muscles after a hard workout.


Take one serving within 30 minutes after a workout. Take 1-3 servings daily, depending on your protein needs.



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